Beer School 2017 Contest winners

Beer School 2017 Contest winners

Lallemand Brewing, makers of premium dry yeast and a full range of brewing products, recently held a draw for our “Beer School 2017” contest for 2 scholarships (1 for homebrewers, 1 for professional brewers) to attend the professional-level World Brewing Academy web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology (3875$ value). The winners of the draw for the 2017 courses are:
Homebrewing Scholarship - Omer Basha, Israël
Professional Brewing Scholarship - Andrew Dimery from Lakes and Legends Brewery, Minneapolis, USA

Many secondary prizes for Lallemand brewing yeast were also drawn, with recipients contacted by email.

Siebel Institute of Technology (a Lallemand Brewing company) and the World Brewing Academy partnership would like to congratulate both Omer and Andrew on their scholarships.
In the coming weeks, Lallemand Brewing will be announcing the details for the "Beer School 2018" contest where again 2 lucky recipients will be awarded scholarships to the WBA web-based Concise Course, and many others will win valuable secondary prizes. In the meantime keep your empty bags of Lallemand brewing yeast to enter in the coming competition. Updates can be found on this web site, so check back in the coming weeks!

2016 winners:
Homebrewing Scholarship - Anthony Avilla, USA, California
Professional Brewing Scholarship - Chris Shields, Rhinegeist Brewery, USA, Ohio

2015 winners:
Homebrewing Scholarship - Torfinn Buseth, Norway
Professional Brewing Scholarship - David Yancey, Adelbert's Brewery, TX, USA
2014 winners:
Homebrewing Scholarship - José Antonio Resendoz Zamudio, Mexico
Professional Brewing Scholarship - Steve Haigh, Alfred's brewery, Hampshire, UK
2013 winners:
Homebrewing Scholarship - Ian Dotson
Professional Brewing Scholarship - Kevin Jones
2012 winners:
Homebrewing Scholarship - Reed Antis, New York, USA
Professional Brewing Scholarship - Jon Stringer, Gadds' Ramsgate Brewery, Kent, UK

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